Keynote #3

The EFYE Travel Pass: Exploring first year experiences and student transitions on the European First Year Experience ‘Train’.
Diane Nutt, Independent Higher Education Consultant
22 Apr 2022
10:00 - 11:15
Rechbauerstraße 12, Aula (AT01002)

Keynote #3

Come along to this keynote and be part of a journey with the thousands of colleagues from over 25 countries who have boarded the EFYE Train. The journey we’ve taken over the last 15+ years at EFYE Conferences and events has included many fine views and stations, a few ‘changes of track’, and the occasional dead end. But where are we now and what have we learned? In this session we will consider: what we have learned about enhancing first year student journeys; what challenges our first year students have experienced, and what developments have been made in institutions, departments, practices, interactions. We will look at what we know works, and what we still need to address. On this ongoing journey, what have we learned as a community and what can we look forward to in the future? So, what are you waiting for…let’s get on the train together – All Aboard!”


Dr Diane Nutt (PFHEA) is an Independent HE Consultant based in York, UK. Diane established the European First Year Experience Network and Annual Conference Series in 2006. She was chair of the network and organising committee until 2021. She is also on the International Advisory Board for the USA National Resource Center for First Year Experience and Students in Transition. She has been a bookseller, a Sociology lecturer, an educational developer and head of a student retention team.

In 2015 she set up as an independent HE consultant, often describing herself as having two heads: one focused on student first year experiences and transitions; the other directing her passion for career development for staff working in higher education in a variety of roles spanning academic, professional and third space settings.

Her publications include: Bonne, P. and Nutt, D. (2016) Ten Times the First Year: Reflections on Ten Years of the European First Year Experience Conference, Ghent: Lhanoo Campus Publications; Calderon, D and Nutt, D. (2009) International Perspectives on the First Year Experience in Higher Education, Columbia, SC, USA: University of South Carolina, National Resource Center for First Year Experience and Students in Transition; Mcintosh, E and Nutt, D. (2022) The Impact of the Integrated Practitioner in Higher Education: Studies in the Third Space, London: Routledge; Nutt, D. (2012) First Contact and Admissions in Morgan M. Improving the Student Experience: A Practical Guide for Universities and Colleges, London: Routledge; Nutt, D. (2013) Retention Support Officers: a Bridge to Support and Success, in Clarke, R, et al. Compendium of Effective Practice in Higher Education, volume 2, York: Higher Education Academy; and Nutt, D. (2017) Developing Lecturers to Teach and Support First Year Students and Students in Transition in Middle and Northern Europe, Educational Developments, Issue 18.4.